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Languedoc | France

Vignobles des Lauzes

Located in the South of France five kilometers away from the Mediterranea Sea. Our wines express all the richness and diversity of that region.


La Mancha | Spain

Ramirez y Vinedos

Known as the largest natural wine region of the world. With its DOP system nominating eight categories, La Mancha wines speak for its own quality.

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Our Mission

WineBridge CEO Marc Brunting

As a vertically integrated company, we focus on three principle activities: Viticulture, Winemaking, and Brand-led Marketing. Since 1979, we put our heart and our passion for wine into building wine brands that would provide unique and memorable experiences for our consumers. All with one goal to “Build the friendliest premium wine brand of tomorrow”.

Our History

Four Decades of Experience
1979 The Beginning

G. Brunting was one of the first pioneer to enter the Asian wine market, his experience and partnership had laid the foundation of WineBridge

2006 Starting with New World Wines

Seeing the growth in demand of new world wines, we expanded our portfolio of wines of Chile and Australia to provide more options to our partners

2011 A New Era, M.Brunting joined the company

After years learning alongside his father, Marc joined WineBridge

2013 Being Closer to our Partners

We opened our first overseas office in Hong Kong - WineBridge Limited

2014 Partnership With One of the Oldest Wine Family in France

With 22 prestigious châteaux in Bordeuax, HB joined forces with WineBridge

2015 Launch IMAGINE wine collection

Six wines, six countries in wine collection, travel around the world of wine with IMAGINE - Wines of the World

2016 Launch Inès Secret wine collection

The 10th generation from the oldest wine family, Inès traveled around the world with the ambition to discover true wine treasures, follow her journey and explore wines and their heritage

2017 Stay Glocal, opening our 2nd overseas office

WineBridge entered China as Fuzhou WineBridge (Fuzhou Qiaoyin), with goods in stock at local warehouses ready to deliver to our clients

2018 Launch Inès J’adore Collection

WineBridge introduced small bottle of bubbles- three ready to drink semi-sparkling wines from the region of Emilia-Romagna.

2019 Become Partner of Swinkels Family Brewers

After years of serving quality wines to our consumers, WineBridge formed an alliance with one of the oldest brewery in the Netherlands. Together with Swinkels, dedicating generations of craftsmanship to beer lovers around the world.

2020 Become co-owner of Vignobles des Lauzes

In 2021 the merge and creation of Vignobles des Lauzes enables WineBridge to transform its business from an importer to a full service wine company. It has now total control of the entire value chain, from harvesting grapes in their own vineyards, selection of wines, to the final product delivery.

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WineBridge SAS

: 44 B Route de Fleury, 34710 LESPIGNAN France

: +33 6 0752 8806

Vignobles Des Lauzes

: 44 B Route de Fleury, 34710 LESPIGNAN France

: +33 6 0752 8806


WineBridge B.V.

: Koivistokade 3, 1013 AC
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

: +31 6 2424 7777


Ramirez y Vinedos

: Paseo Castelar, 70, 13730 Santa Cruz de Mudela, Cdad. Real Spain


WineBridge Limited

: 3806 Central Plaza 18 Harbour Road, Hong Kong

: +85 281 977 225


Fuzhou WineBridge

International Trading Co., Ltd.

: Fuzhou Mawei Luoxing East Road No.2 Haixia Jingmao Plaza No.1, 4TH FLOOR A-7 Fujian, Peoples's Republic of China

: +85 281 977 225

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Vignoble des Lauzes is the story about Marc Brunting and Cedric Ragues. Growing up in wine families, they both followed in their father’s footsteps to the world of wine, Cedric as a winemaker, and Marc a vintner. Years of friendship inspires them to work together on their shared passion. Vignoble des Lauzes provides full range of wines from Languedoc, all wines give the best talent about the association for the two people.


It all started in 1740. Inès Pradel de Lavaux is the 10th generation of one of the most influential Bordeaux wine families. Nowadays, the family owns 22 prestigious Chateaux in the finest appellations of Saint-Emilion, Pomerol, Fronsac and Bordeaux. Embracing her roots, she travels around the world to find true wine treasures. These wine treasures then became the “Inès Secret Wine Collection“. All her wines are from wine regions with heritage, where the tradition of wine-making and growing grapes is passed from generation to generation.


There are more than just One great wine region in the world!
Imagine - One brand, Six countries, different types of wines for you to explore. More than just wine, Imagine wine label each tells a story of its country of origin – from the Gallus rooster to Australian kangaroo – Some wines are blended, others are derived from a single variety, but all wines are packed with great care and are produced with the biggest passion. Don’t know where to start with your wine journey? Follow Imagine.


Because you deserve it! Inès Sweet Collection wants to bring out your inner goddess. Find her and embrace her. Know that you are special! The sweet collection has the ideal sweet wines for different occasions. It is not only for when you want to enjoy your time alone, but also when you want to share your happiness with your friends. J’adore is the joie de vivre, and it celebrates your independence.


Let Capolavoro take you down the memory lane - Capolavoro is the Italian word for “Masterpiece”, it is also the wine that brings your wine journey to the fullest. A selection of superb wines from Italy’s finest wine regions. All handcrafted to perfection and delicately bottled with Italy’s most well-known sceneries that visualizes the taste of each wine.


Amsterdam, the city that hosts artistic heritage, elaborated canal system, and carries on with its 17th century Golden Age legacies. Brewed with the traditional recipe, Amsterdam beers is dedicated to this ever innovative, always open-minded city. Drink to the city that never sleeps. Proost!