Fruity heaven

in the bottle

J’adore wines are produced from 100% natural fruits with no additives. Enjoy quality wines as a low-alcohol cocktail! Little bottles with “Tipsy cupids” bring you love and happiness.


Number 66

Aroma is found in berries and cherries.
Shiny deep, ruby colour, fruity and fragrant to the nose.

Grape Variety 100% Lambrusco

Type Sweet, Semi-Sparkling

Alcohol 7%

Region Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Content 187ml


Number 88

Perfume of rose petals and orange blossom with the flavour of fresh, juicy green grapes and a touch of honey sweetness. An excellent refreshing finish.

Grape Variety 100% Moscato

Type Sweet, Semi-Sparkling

Alcohol 8%

Region Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Content 187ml


Number 55

The light red-orange colour from the marriage of Moscato and natural peach flavours. Aromas of succulent ripe peach, apricot and hints of white flowers. Light and refreshing.

Grape Variety Moscato and natural peach flavours

Type Sweet, Semi-Sparkling

Alcohol 6%

Region Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Content 187ml


Number 77

Its bouquet is intense and enchanting, well balanced among the nose of fresh green apple, wisteria, peach and acacia flowers. The taste is rich but still soft and fresh at the same time.

Grape Variety Glera

Type Sparkling wine DOC

Alcohol 11%

Region Veneto, Italy

Content 200ml


by J’adore to Go

The little sister of J’adore, this BERRY BABY is a Moscato-based cocktail with a tingling taste of wild berries conveniently packaged in a can. This lower alcohol level is perfect for dancing in the summertime!

Ingredients Wine & Natural Fruits Flavours (Raspberry, Red currant)

Type Wine-based Fizzy Cocktail

Alcohol 5.5%

Content 250ml

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