Inès Secret Wine Collection

A true Bordeaux heritage from 1740

Wine treasures revealed. Coming from different preeminent wine regions, the selection of Inès wines have in common the respect for the heritage of the vineyards, excellent craftsmanship of the winemakers and most importantly, quality. Discover. Enjoy. Share.

Passion for Quality

From the finest winery


A fine 18th-century country house, Château Martinet established itself as a hunting lodge before becoming a vineyard. Now it is the sole source of one of Saint-Emilion’s most revered wines. Rooted in superb sand and gravel soil, the vines are cultivated under constant care and attention by the owner.


Thomas Duclos is one of the leading winemakers for the famous Cheval Blanc and Chateau Ausone, while consulting the Chinese council of vineyards. He is one of the best tasters and brings in a vast experience and years of expertise. Together with the winemaking team, Thomas combines his experience of classic ‘Old World’ techniques with ‘New World’ mentality and style.


Inès Secret Collection is the understanding of terroir, and natural environment in which a great wine is produced. Any bottle from the Inès wine selection will always beautifully reflect the harmonious balance between the land it comes from, the craftsmen and knowledge.


Bordeaux Supérieur

AOP Bordeaux

A wonderful wine from the most famous wine region in the world. Icon of true heritage and style. The beginning.

Alcohol 13.5% | Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon
Aged for 12 months in oak barrels | 35-year-old vines
Gold Medal : Berliner Wein Trophy
James Suckling Rating: 90/100

Respecting the rich tradition of wine making, this 2016 vintage wine is a Secret that stands for its elegance and harmony. With many years of experience, our wine maker hand-crafted this red AOC Bordeaux Supérieur after selecting only the best Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from the vineyards. A wine with power and structure while being elegant and offering finesse in the finish.


Bordeaux is the most famous wine region in the world and known for its great diversity of high quality terroirs. In the 17th century, the Dutch were the kings of the sea and the first ones exporting Bordeaux wines. Nowadays, Bordeaux is a true symbol of quality wines for wine lovers around the world for more than eight centuries. Bordering the sea and the climate is ideal for growing grapes and our wine expresses the vineyard’s character and typicality of the grape varietals.



Ripe red fruits and nice oak flavors. Aromas of cherries and blackberries combined with hints of raspberries.



Dry red wine, expressing ripe red fruit while offering complexity. A smooth soft wine, vanilla, tannins and a pleasant finish.



A supple and medium bodied wine, harmonious and well balanced. The Merlot gives the wine its roundness. Structure, power and some spicy notes are provided by Cabernet Sauvignon.


Ruby red color, reflections of violet.

Other Brands

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Vignoble des Lauzes is the story about Marc Brunting and Cedric Ragues. Growing up in wine families, they both followed in their father’s footsteps to the world of wine, Cedric as a winemaker, and Marc a vintner. Years of friendship inspires them to work together on their shared passion. Vignoble des Lauzes provides full range of wines from Languedoc, all wines give the best talent about the association for the two people.


There are more than just One great wine region in the world!
Imagine - One brand, Six countries, different types of wines for you to explore. More than just wine, Imagine wine label each tells a story of its country of origin – from the Gallus rooster to Australian kangaroo – Some wines are blended, others are derived from a single variety, but all wines are packed with great care and are produced with the biggest passion. Don’t know where to start with your wine journey? Follow Imagine.


Because you deserve it! Inès Sweet Collection wants to bring out your inner goddess. Find her and embrace her. Know that you are special! The sweet collection has the ideal sweet wines for different occasions. It is not only for when you want to enjoy your time alone, but also when you want to share your happiness with your friends. J’adore is the joie de vivre, and it celebrates your independence.


Let Capolavoro take you down the memory lane - Capolavoro is the Italian word for “Masterpiece”, it is also the wine that brings your wine journey to the fullest. A selection of superb wines from Italy’s finest wine regions. All handcrafted to perfection and delicately bottled with Italy’s most well-known sceneries that visualizes the taste of each wine.


Amsterdam, the city that hosts artistic heritage, elaborated canal system, and carries on with its 17th century Golden Age legacies. Brewed with the traditional recipe, Amsterdam beers is dedicated to this ever innovative, always open-minded city. Drink to the city that never sleeps. Proost!