Hangzhou J’adore Launch Party 2019

After months of anticipation, we invited all our partners, friends and family to the very first launch party of J’adore! Our local team partnered up with an event company in Hangzhou for an unforgettable night of ‘Oh my J’adore moment!’. This is just the beginning of our J’adore journey. We look forward to making more memories with you. We are now also officially on Little Red Book (aka ‘Xiaohongshu’), don’t miss it!

Inès Secret Bordeaux Supérieur 2017 Available!

Our best-selling Bordeaux wine has returned with a new vintage. If you are a big fan of our Inès Secret Bordeaux Supérieur 2016, you have to try with the new vintage. There is also a new detail in our front label, can you spot it? The wine will arrive in Asia by the end of July. For more information, contact our team! You don’t need to break the bank to enjoy a glass of classic Bordeaux.

Because you deserve it! Inès J’adore Sweet Collection

Imagine after a long day of work, you come home and just pop a bottle of Inès J’adore Dolce to relax – 187ml, just enough- no pressure to finish the entire bottle by yourself! Get a little tipsy, and unwind a little. Enjoy this moment dedicated to yourself. Or better, bring J’adore to your next girl’s night. Happiness is real when shared. Inès J’adore Sweet collection comes in two flavors, Dolce and Moscato, for both red and white wine lovers we’ve got your back. By the way, they are bubbly deliciousness from the Piemonte region of Italy. Cancel your date, J’adore all the way 😉

2019 CFDF all eyes on J’adore

Just a while ago, we introduced our Inès J’adore Collection at the most visited wine fair in China – 2019 CFDF in Chengdu. Its feminine design and features had caught the attention of many fair visitors, and our team was interviewed by local Chinese online wine show to share the brand story of our J’adore collection. In the coming months, you will be able to check out more of the collection. Follow us on our social media channels for latest updates.

2019 – The Year of Amsterdam Beer

Do you know the amount of beer the Dutch consumed was ranked 14th in the world? Proost to that! In summer 2019, we will introduce Amsterdam Beer Series to you – this series includes traditionally brewed pilsner, Amsterdam White Beer, Amsterdam Blonde, and Amsterdam Dark beer, each of them represents the Dutch beer spirit! Excited? Don’t forget to drink responsibly.

Inès Secret Bordeaux Supérieur rated 90/100 by Suckling

2016 in Bordeaux was a good year. Our Inès Secret Bordeaux Supérieur vintage 2016 was rated 90/100 by one of the leading wine critics – James Suckling. He noted: “With plenty of spicy red plum-pastry on the nose, this has plenty of appeal from the get-go. The palate delivers a succulent array of finely packed tannins. Flavorful finish. A blend of merlot and cabernet. Drink or hold”. To know more, visit: www.jamessuckling.com